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    Grupo Solingenia projects you towards a new culture in lighting. LED technology has evolved at a good rate in the last few years. Overcoming its confinement to electronic devices such as mobiles or small screens, the LED solutions are opening up the way to become used in a more and more generalised way. And that is good news. They improve the quality of life for people in shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, homes and in urban decoration for public buildings, bridges, footpaths, markets and façades.

    In comparison to traditional lighting, LEDs are energetically efficient, emit less CO2 and irradiate very little heat, they are more economical to use and maintain, they are small and flexible, last longer and produce a light that can be programmed and controlled with precision.

    Although the colour properties of LEDs are usually taken advantage of by designers to create atmospheres, in shows or in architectonic enhancement, there is another field in which LEDs are starting to acquire notoriety, like the case of general lighting with white light. For over a decade LEDs have been a feasible alternative to conventional light sources, and the constant improvements in lighting efficiency only favour their continuity and diversification.

    What are LEDs?
    LED means "light emitting diode". A diode is a device made of two different conductor materials that allow the current to circulate in just one direction. When electricity passes through the diode the atoms of one of the materials move at a higher energy level. This energy is freed when the atoms transfer electrons to the other material. The freeing of this energy produces light. The colour of the LED light will depend on the inorganic material that the diode is made of and how it is configured.

    At Grupo Solingenia we offer you the chance to study the best possibilities for the use of this technology in your lighting project, for exterior as well as interior, and also to change the lighting in your office, company or establishment.

    The most significant advantages of led are:

    • Less maintenance costs, no deterioration of the image of public premises, the exhibited product is always well lit up.
    • The exhibited articles will be well lit up for years, without alterations, no dark areas or light that changes colour.
    • Minimum emission loss = less energy costs.
    • The lit up products do not deteriorate in time nor are they affected by the heat. Minimum consumption for acclimatisation equipment and premises that are more comfortable for customers.


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